Miley's Set to Lead the Bald Brow Revolution, Cara Delevingne Couldn’t Get a Boyfriend Because of Eyeliner, and More

(Credit: Miranda Kerr Instagram)

Just when you thought Miley Cyrus couldn't possibly appear even more nude in public, she goes and does this: bleaches her eyebrows platinum blonde. Now that we think about it, a totally naked face isn't that much of a stretch for her... [Fashionista]

At the other end of the eyebrow spectrum, Cara Delevingne's pair are still big and bushy in case you were worried. However, she recently revelead her biggest teenage beauty blunder—wearing far too much eyeliner. So much, in fact, she couldn't get a boyfriend! [The Cut]

Makeup maven (and Dolce & Gabbana Make Up creative advisor) Pat McGrath shares her expert tips on how to wear—wait for it—green lipstick from their limited-edition Sicilian Jewels collection. "This lip look is incredible, so feminine but striking at the same time," says McGrath. ("The verdict is still out on that one," says everyone everywhere.) [Vogue UK]

Now here's some news you can definitely use—especially if you workout regularly. Erika Wasser (founder of Glam & Go blowdry bar) details exactly how to protect your blowout while working up a sweat. [Elle]

Guess who's getting her very own MAC collection? Angelina Jolie! Well, sort of. Her Disney character Maleficent (a.k.a. the Mistress of All Evil) will be brought to life through dark and ominous lip colors, nail lacquers, and more. Can. Not. Wait. [Marie Claire UK]