Judge Rules The Kardashians Can't Use the Name 'Khroma' Beauty

(Photo by Getty)

Khroma (KhromaBeauty.com)
Ruh-roh: It looks like the Kardashians are headed back to kourt. This time over the rights to the name "Khroma," the sisters' recently launched beauty line, reports WWD.

Following a trademark infringment lawsuit, which was filed back in December by a Florida-based cosmetics brand called "Kroma," a California judge has issued a preliminary injunction against "Khroma." (Confusing, right?)

In short, this means all future sales of the Kardashians' products could be blocked — Boldface, the sisters' licensing company, has seven days to appeal and delay the injunction — and Khroma won't be allowed to restock the thousands of products slated to hit shelves next month.

It's particularly bad timing, seeing as the brand is expanding from only Ulta stores to a range of drugstores next month. Just think of all those fake eyelashes, sitting sad in their packages, waiting to be batted amongst a cloud of smoky eyeshadow. (Tear.)

(Photo via Ulta.com)

We'll have to wait and see how everything panders out, but considering Khroma (note the "h") raked in around $1.5 million in its opening month, we expect Boldface will most certainly appeal the judge's decision. We'll update as the story unfolds!