Cara Delevingne Spurs a Beauty Movement, Lady Gaga Gives Ryan Seacrest a Makeover, and More!

(Photo by Getty)

Google is reporting searches for "eyebrow plucking" and "tweezers" have been on the major decline since last November. Coincidentally (or not) Googles for "Cara Delevingne" keep going up and up and up... Funny, so has our desire to embrace bold brows. [VogueUK]

Not really much of a blush girl? This look on Rooney Mara just might make you one—no "flirty" pinks or extra-shimmery shades required. [Glamour]

Here's the headline heard 'round the beauty blogs today: "Jennifer Aniston Would Rather Go BALD Than Have 'The Rachel' Haircut Again." I mean... [Grazia Daily]

Birchbox is on. a. roll. with collabs lately. Following a team-up with Suits and the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women), the beauty subscription service just announced its next partner: Ann Taylor! Yes, there will be fashion discounts. No, there's no word yet on whether Kate Hudson will make a cameo. [Birchbox]

Lady Gaga doing Ryan Seacrest's makeup is just as absurdly wonderful as you'd imagine it to be. [Allure]