Bye Bye Tan Smell: Jergens Gives Its Natural Glow Collection a Makeover

(Photo by Lindsay Schallon/StyleBistro)

If you, like me, began your foray into self-tanners with Jergens Natural Glow collection waaaay back when (I won't get into how far back when, but back when) you're probably familiar with the sunshine-y glisten it gives your skin after a few days' use—and with the, uh, distinctive scent it leaves behind. (At the time, one of my friends used to refer to this smell signature to faux glows as her "Tan B.O." The girl had a point.)

Well, here's some exciting news that'll make your long-lost self-tan-self of yesteryear jump for joy—and run to the drugstore stat!—Jergens finally found a way to get rid of that not-so-pleasant sunless tanner smell.

Combine that with the fact that a little birdie let me in on this little secret—Nina Dobrev, Louise Roe, and Catt Sadler (one of our favorite beauty junkies) are all fans of the stuff—and I'm pretty much sold. You?

(Photos by Getty) Nina Dobrev, Louise Roe, Catt Sadler

Jergens Natural Glow collection is available in drugstores now for $8.99.