Miley Cyrus Will Never Have Long Hair Again, Kitty Litter Facials Are a Thing & More

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Miley Cyrus and her long locks are never, ever, getting back together, okay? [E! News]

This week, the Interwebs went nutso because, OMG, Jennifer Aniston dyed her hair platinum blond! Oh, wait... it was just a wig. [Huff Po]

According to a study done by, "this" is the #1 thing guys judge women on. Surprisingly, it's not what you think. [Daily Mail]

(Photo via WWD) Nail It! magazine

Nail art addicts, rejoice! A new magazine titled Nail It! is on its way, and it's dedicated solely to daring digits. [WWD]

Is that... Could it be... Wait a second... Does Snoop Dogg's facial hair look like a pot leaf to you? [The Cut]

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Just when you thought nail collaborations finally hit their saturation point — Nicole for OPI announced it's teaming up with, wait for it, Special K. Yes, as in, Special K the cereal. [Racked]

If anyone knows a thing or two about being sexy, it's a Victoria's Secret Angel. And lucky for us, they're willing to share their Valentine's beauty advice. [BellaSugar]

So, apparently you can give yourself a facial with kitty litter. Yeah, we'll go ahead and pass, thanks. [Refinery29]