Cara Delevingne Got a New Tattoo, How to Wash Your Hair in Space, and More!

(Photo by Getty)

First her finger, now her foot—Cara Delevingne's got new ink! We're a little sad it doesn't say "ANDY" with a backwards "N" but her wording of choice is basically the next best thing to childhood toy references. (Hint: Shine bright, shine far!) [Instagram]

When traveling to exotic locales, the number one rule of haircare maintenance is planning ahead—like, did you know conventional hair dryers use too much wattage for outlets in parts of South America? But what about really exotic places? Like say, for instance, outerspace? Ever wonder how a girl's supposed to style her hair sans gravity? Watch and learn. [CBS News]

Another day, another steamy teaser photo of Robert Pattinson being all Hottie McHotterson for Dior Homme. Enough, Dior! We're already sold. Wait. What are we saying? Keep them coming! But really, we are sold—two bottles and an RPatz, please? [The Telegraph]

There's no real delicate way to put this, so we're just going to say it: there is an extremely phallic lipstick statute at Diane von Furstenburg's country estate. [Racked]

While you were busy staring at her Benjamins—and no, that's not a really weird euphemism—Miley Cyrus pulled a fast one and sneakily switched up her hairstyle. [Hollywood Life]