Lauren Conrad Accidentally Dyed Her Hair Pink, Prada Candy's Third Film, and More!

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A new study shows that the average American woman keeps the exact same makeup style for 11 years and will hold onto her favorite products for at least four years. The reason for finally swapping? Price increases and discontinuation. Hey, if it ain't broke... [Huff Po]

Guess which reality show cast officially dubbed the start of their week, "Spray Tan Sunday"? We'll give you a hint: the Stars on this show like to boogie! [People]

Finally! An answer to the age-old question: "How many swipes does it take to get to the bottom of a lipstick tube?" What? [Birchbox]

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It looks like Brad Pitt could be on to something. Science just found that dudes with facial scruff are more likely to look younger and stay healthier than their clean-shaven counterparts! Apparently, all that grizzle offers UV protection; thereby slowing down signs of aging and the risk of skin cancer. They're also less likely to suffer from allergies — whoda'thunk beards were good for capturing things other than spilled ketchup and mustard? [World Observer]

There is a way to apply hair mousse correctly! And The Cut will show you how — using .GIFs from Full House to illustrated commonly made mistakes, naturally. [The Cut]

The next mind-blowing beauty trend coming out of Asia? LED eyelashes. Women are wearing them to make their eyes look bigger, wider, and brighter — but something tells us they'd fit in at a good rave, as well. Observe! [Soomi Park]

The final episode of Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola's Prada Candy film series is finally here! Will Candy finally settle on a suitor? More importantly, will there be more food? Do they ever give away the name of her nail polish? All your pressing questions and more, answered. [Fashionista]

And in case you missed them, here are the first two episodes in the series.

And last but not least, this week in celebrity hair news:

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Lauren Conrad dyed her hair bright pink on accident. But it's not like she hasn't been, oh, every color under the rainbow before. So we don't think she's too upset. [MTV Style]

Katharine McPhee pulled a Karlie Kloss and chopped her hair into a swingy bob. Ombre tips and face-framing highlights included. [Huff Po]

Kelly Osbourne got some obnoxiously long purple hair extensions. Some people seem to think she looks like her dad, you know that famous bat-eating rocker dude, Ozzy? [Daily Mail]

Ariel Winter dyed her locks bright red. Thus making her even more like the Disney princess she shares a name with. [E! News]

And finally, Kirsten Dunst is going gray. If only for a magazine cover. [Bullett]