This Just In: Blake Lively is the Newest Face of L'Oreal Paris!

(Credit: E! Online)

File this under we knew it was coming.

Blake Lively, she of perfect sound mind, body, hair, makeup, style, and well, absolutely everything, wins the world once again. Not only is the former Gossip Girl a spokesmodel for Gucci and Chanel (as well as the wife of the devilishly handsome Ryan Reynolds), now she's managed to snag a coveted L'Oreal Paris contract as well. Some girls have all the luck.

The global mass beauty brand recently announced the super exciting news via their French Instagram page.

No word just yet on exactly which product she'll be the face (or hair or body) of, but one thing's for sure: whatever beautiful Blake is selling, we (along with the rest of the world) are certainly buying.

See her gorgeous new official press photos for L'Oreal, below.

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