MAC is Bringing Back Long-Lost Lipsticks, Chanel's Perfumer Steps Down, and More!

(Photo via MAC)

If you love the '90s, MAC Cosmetics, and MAC lipsticks from the '90s, today is your lucky day. MAC is bringing back its most-requested retro-classic colors from the past two decades. Starting today, you can vote for your top picks on Facebook. Now, please excuse us while we go add some BSB and Spice Girls to our getting ready playlist. (No, no, of course it's not already on there...) [Facebook]

You might not know his name, but you've definitely smelled his work. After 35 years as the loyal nose behind Chanel's iconic scents, Jacques Polges is stepping down from his role as the French fashion house's perfumer. Don't fret on the fate of your beloved No. 5 just yet, though, Polges's son, Olivier, is taking over the throne. [The Telegraph]

Suffering from a bad case of smelly foot? Just soak your socks in coffee! Or, uh, something like that. [Daily Mail]

Think you could go nine months without wearing makeup? What about not doing your hair? Covering up nearly all parts of your body? As part of a new social study dubbed The Modesty Experiment, one writer, who used to work in one of those "klacker" type industries, did exactly that. Her takeaway? It was "frightening"—and "liberating." Read the entire synopsis on her experience, here. [Salon]

So you finally braved the chop, and you seriously love, love, LOVE your new short hairstyle, and then... you go to wash it. Uh, now what? Sound familiar? Here's the short on how to cope with styling time-sucking cropped cuts. [Refinery29]