Behind the Scenes at Benefit Cosmetics' Fake Up Launch Party

(Photo by StyleBistro)

Last night we swung by one of Benefit Cosmetics' bright-pink boutiques to celebrate the launch of its newest product, Fake Up — except we had no idea what Fake Up actually was until we arrived to the party.

See, this wasn't your typical sip champagne and nom on treats type of shin-dig. It was a mystery party. Here's the invitation we received to the event:

So mysterious, right? Obviously we had to go and see what was up! Upon arriving, we were greeted by this handsome fella:

(Photo via Benefit Cosmetics) Yum...

Okay, so there was still champagne like typical beauty gatherings. And sweets, too — Crumbs cupcakes, only some of the most delicious, gargantuan-sized cupcakes in NYC, to be exact.

(Photo by StyleBistro) Yum times two.

But then, here's where stuff started to get really interesting. A detective (yes, a detective) grabbed us and told us all the Fake Up — Benefit's new hydrating concealer, surprise! — was, gasp, stolen. We were handed three cards, each of which had a photo of the possible thief, and then told we had to figure out who stole the products.

In other words, it was the beauty version of Clue! How's that for a launch party?

(Photo by StyleBistro) Here are the "Clue" cards with the suspects: the Beauty Dectective, Frenchie, and Imma Thirst.

We made our way through the boutique cards in hand and talked to Imma Thirst, a Russian heiress who told us all about the concealer's moisturizing properties — Fake Up keeps skin hydrated for up to six hours — and Frenchie, a French maid with a love for concealer, especially the kind that doesn't emphasis fine lines like, ahem, Benefit's new one.

(Photo by StyleBistro) Frenchie the French maid

Finally, we made our way back to the detective and told her our guess. It was — dun, dun, dun — her, we said. If Scooby Doo taught us anything as kids, it's that the person who hires the help is always the one whodunit. And guess what, we were right!

(Photo by StyleBistro) The detective stole the concealers. Look!

So there you have it! That's what goes down at a beauty launch, folks. Be on the lookout for Benefit's Fake Up Hydrating Concealer ($24) when it hits stores this March.