How to Hide Tan Lines, A New Way to Curl Your Hair, India Outlaws Animal Testing, and More!


I have a really annoying horizontal tan line on my foot from hanging around in the great outdoors a few weeks back wearing my favorite summer shoes—Pons' Avarcas. Thank goodness the ladies over at BeautyBlitz have ideas on how to hide it! [BeautyBlitz]

Guess what this amazing, bizarre-looking little machine does? It produces perfect curls—without having to use a curling iron! Conair has just released two versions of its new "curl machines"—a pro edition, which retails at salons for $250, and a consumer version, which is set to hit stores mid-August and will be priced at $100. The technology is completely different than a traditional curling iron: "With a traditional curling iron, you clip the hair and you roll it," explained director of engineering Vito Carlucci. "The first turn gets the most heat, the second less because it’s insulated by a layer of hair and then the third even less. This one heats from both the inside and the outside, so you get a nice even, long-lasting ringlet." [WWD]

Dear Carven obsessives: Now you can smell just like the brand! Carven Le Parfum will launch Stateside this summer—and it features "mandarin blossom, white hyacinth, sweet pea, and jasmine notes, with a subtle yet unforgettable dry down of sandalwood and Indonesian patchouli." []

(Thinkstock) This bunny is chillin'.

Guess what this bunny is doing? It's chillin'. Because India has officially banned animal testing for cosmetics. "The end to cruel and unreliable cosmetics tests on animals in India is a victory for animals and science—and the ban's compliance with international standards will improve trade avenues for our country," says PETA India's science policy adviser, Dr Chaitanya Koduri. "PETA India looks forward to working with the government on the next step: a ban on testing household cleaners and similar products in India." [StyleBistro Inbox]

Super-famous New York manicurist Ji Baek is launching her second Beauty Bloggers nail polish collection! In on it this time: Scrangie, Nails and Noms, Polish Police, Fashion Polish, and Kellie Gonzo. [Refinery29]

Elizabeth Arden is about to launch its newest signature scent, Untold—which we hear will hit counters in just a few weeks, in mid-July. "This is a modern interpretation of a woman, which will bring younger consumers to the franchise," said Arden's President, CEO, and Chairman E. Scott Beattie. "We believe this will be a gateway for those consumers to show the brand is relevant to them. And we believe the concept—which is downtown New York cool—is universal enough that it will play well globally." [WWD]

Did you know what what you eat can possibly help you get whiter teeth? Here's a rundown of the best teeth-whitening foods out there—sorry, chocolate, coffee, red wine, and copious cups of tea are not on the list. [Shine Canada]
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