Jennifer Aniston's Hair Icon (Revealed!), 'Man-icures' Are On the Rise, and More

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Whose hair could Jennifer Aniston—who's arguably the biggest hair icon of the past two decades—possibly be jealous of? We'll give you a hint, she's brunette, has a bump, and anytime she's on TV, people freak. Give up? It's Kate Middleton! (Who did you think we meant?) [Us Magazine]

Sorry, to interrupt your Kanye love fest, Kanye, but this is the best remix of "Niggas in Paris" of all time: Wiggaz That's Hairless. [YouTube]

Dragging your BF along to the nail salon might get a little bit easier for you in the future, thanks to this growing trend in male grooming: "manly men" are embracing bold, bright nail polish colors. The man-icure is booming! [NYT]

Not to crash all your hopes and dreams or anything, but you know how Robert Pattinson's Dior ads supposedly feature RPatz "topless ... kissing one of the models with tongues"? Well, this image from Rob's fragrance shoot was leaked on Instagram, and let's just say it's rather, er, anti-climatic. [Fashion Week Daily]

And this week in celebrity hair news...

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Jessica Alba got bangs. [Hollywood Life]

And so did January Jones! [Daily Mail]

Jennifer Connelly was all like, "Eff you humidity, I'm just going to chop all my hair off and see how you feel then." And then she did. [HuffPo]

Meanwhile, Candice Swanepoel decided to take the whole blonde bombshell thing to the next level and dye her locks bright platinum. []

Last but not least, you might not recognize Anna Kendrick. [BellaSugar]