Guess Which Celebrity Kid Has Better Hair Than Suri Cruise?

(Photo by Bauer Griffin)

Somewhere far, far away (Manhattan), a princess (Suri Cruise) has locked herself alone in a room at the top of a tower (penthouse) to brush then braid her long glossy mane, while weeping and wondering why—why seven other celebrity kids (including, boys, they have cooties!) beat her on the list of Celebrity Children With The Best Hairstyles.

The hardest part of accepting the fate of this cruel, cruel world poll? A two-year-old—what toddlers even have hair!?—took the crown for the most well-coiffed head, leaving these wind-blown locks off in the wind.

(Photo by

Who, then, could this mere infant (basically) with the #1 locks in Hollywood-kid-land be? The title, according to a poll conducted by haircare retailer, belongs to (drumroll, please...) Harper Beckham!

(Photo by FameFlynet Pictures)

Is that a topknot—so fashion-forward that Harper! Kingston Rossdale came in a close second, and another member of the Beckham brood clocked in at third, Romeo, the Burberry model!

Other kid-lebrities included in the poll? In order of best hair:


Don't worry, Suri, it's tough to compete with genes like these—even if your parents are, like, two of the world's prettiest people.