Everything You Need to Know About Marc Jacobs's New Beauty Line

(Photo via WWD; John Aquino)

Marc Jacobs (Getty)
Marc Jacobs isn't really one to keep things covered—ahem, those abs anyone?—but side for the occasional teaser snap and ominous countdown clock on his website, the designer hasn't given away much about his forthcoming beauty line. That is, until today. (About time!)

Jacobs finally opened up to WWD about what we can expect to see—and, uh, slather all over our faces—come August. And hoo boy, the results sure are pretty! (Would you expect anything less?)

Because we know you're dying to know the details, here's the most need-to-know info on the collection from today's WWD article.

When it launches: August 9th

Where it'll be sold: Sephora, sephora.com and select Marc Jacobs stores

The products: Marc Jacobs Beauty will include 122 items that are broken down into four broad categories: Smart Complexion (foundations, concealers, and powders), Blacquer (precision eyeliners, lash lifters, and gel crayons), Hi-Per Color (lip products, blush, eye shadow, bronzer and nail lacquers), and Boy Tested, Girl Approved (a unisex lip balm, brow tamer and concealer.)

Price: Bigger ticket items like foundations and eye palettes clock in between $45 to $60, while the majority of products (lipsticks, blushes, etc.) fall in the $30 price range.

Don't expect to find: Nudes. “It would be too natural,” Jacobs said, apparently with a shudder.

While work on building our beauty-shopping fund, we'll be getting our Marc Jacobs makeup fix by perusing his fall 2013 collection, below. You know that Blacquer collection is gonna be something.