The Eco-Conscious Beauty Trend That's Popping Up Everywhere: Refillable Cosmetics

(Source: Kjer Weis, Thierry Mugler, bareMinerals)Calling all tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing (don't hate), eco-conscious beauty mavens: There's a hot trend brewing in the beauty world. Refillable haircare, skincare, and makeup products are popping up left and right. From mascara that you refill after three months to a luxury fragrance that lets you refill your bottle over and over, this reusable trend comes just in time for Earth Day, and we have a feeling Mother Earth would approve.

(Source: Weis Mascara ($38) is not only organic, but each container holds enough mascara for only three months to reduce bacteria formation. After your three-month supply has run out, simply replace the tube with a refill mascara packet for only $26.

(Source: bareMinerals)Even more familiar brands are jumping on the refillable bandwagon. bareMinerals created a Refillable Buffing Brush ($29.50) for touchups on the go. And by replacing the powder inside, you can use and reuse your brush without being wasteful.

(Source: Thierry Mugler)Thanks to Thierry Mugler, you'll never have to part with your favorite perfume bottle again. The luxury brand is now offering refills on its Angel (above, $120) and Alien ($120) fragrances. After you've used up all the perfume, simply visit "the source," a.k.a. a Sephora with a Thierry Mugler refill station, to give your bottle some much-needed juice. The best part: you only pay for the price of your refill.

(Source: L'Occitane)
But the refillable movement doesn't stop there. You can now refill your favorite bath foam, shampoo, and conditioner, thanks to L'Occitane. The brand is offering an eco-friendly refill option for a number of its products, including the lovely Lavender Foaming Bath ($26). P.S., in honor of Earth Day, L'Occitane is offering 50 percent off a product refill when shoppers purchase the accompanying full size product, now through April 30th.

Maybe it's just our inner hippie coming out, but we're super stoked to give the eco-conscious trend a shot. What about you? Let us know!
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