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Kim Kardashian has perfected the smoky eye: never too dark, allowing the focus to be on her lashes and eye color. Kim also knows the cardinal rule when it comes to makeup: Pick only one thing to emphasize. With a smoky eye, this means playing up your eyes and leaving your cheeks and lips relatively simple.

Kim's makeup look requires several steps, but though it looks daunting it's actually pretty simple to achieve. Remember, the key to this look is blending! Here is a step-by-step guide to Kim's smoky eye.

A tip before you start:
Wash new brushes with shampoo and conditioner before you use them. This will keep them from shedding.

What you'll need:
The products:
Liquid foundation
Cream concealer (a shade lighter than skin tone)
Powder the same color as your skin
Powder a shade darker than your skin (you can also use bronzer)
Dark blueish/purple eye shadow (any dark shade of eye shadow will work just as well)
Silver/pearl cream eye shadow
Black eyeliner pencil
Black eye shadow
Black mascara
Brown/black eyebrow powder (depending on your brown color)
Silicon-based eye shadow primer
Fake eyelashes and glue (one with a clear base is better)
Cream blush
Nude lip liner
Nude/light pink lipstick
Nude/light coral lipgloss

The tools:
2 kabuki brushes
Powder brush
3 eye shadow brushes (make sure one is synthetic)
Angled eyeliner brush
Eyebrow brush
Cotton buds
Small scissors

Step-by-step guide:
Foundation & Blush
1. Apply a pea-sized amount of moisturizer to your face
2. Put foundation on the back of your hand and then use the kabuki brush to pick up the foundation
3. Use a buffing motion to apply the foundation to your skin. Doing this allows for a more sheer application that lasts longer than a tinted moisturizer. Don't forget to apply to your jawline and blend in.
4. Use your finger to lightly tap concealer under your eyes and anywhere else you need.
5. Using another kabuki brush for blush, lightly buff it onto the apple of your cheek and along the top of your cheekbone, make sure to blend the edges
6. Using the powder brush and loose powder, lightly brush on loose powder to set the foundation. Start with the forehead, then nose, and then cheeks. This also acts as a contouring mechanism.

Tip: Make sure there are no lines from the concealer under your eyes then brush a loose powder underneath the eye with a small bursh, this allows you to easily remove any flecks of dark powder from eyeshadow and liner later
1. Apply eye shadow primer on lids using an eye shadow brush, this prevents your eye shadow from creasing. Apply until right above the crease.
2. Using another eye shadow brush, apply your dark eye shadow to the top part of your lid. Start on the outside corner and work around the top of the crease. Make sure to blend, you don't want any harsh lines.
3. Line the inside of your lower lid with the black eyeliner pencil, then blend under the eyes. You can soften the line with your finger or a cotton bud.
4. With your eye shadow brush, blend the bottom liner into the upper lid shadow.
5. Using the synthetic eye shadow brush, put shadow on the inside corner of the lid. Blend slightly with the bottom eyeliner and then use brush to blend with the rest of the upper lid.
6. Get your black eye shadow and with the angled eye liner brush, press into upper lash line starting from the outside corner. Bring up slightly into the eye lash crease. This helps intensify the length of your lashes and conceal fake eyelashes.

Brows and Lashes
1. Fill in eyebrows with the brow powder. Make sure not to go too heavy or else they'll look harsh.
2. Use a brush to lightly remove any excess powder from under your eyes.
3. Trim the eyelashes to fit your eye
4. Put eyelash glue on the base of the lashes and let it dry until it's tacky
5. Gently place eye lashes on eye and let dry
6. Brush darker powder or bronzer over forehead, nose and below cheek bones. A darker powder adds a bit of color and contouring without adding shimmer
7. Apply mascara to bottom and top lashes. Try to get mascara only onto your natural lashes. Mascara on fake lashes makes them look a bit fake and makes them less durable.

1. Line lips with lip liner in the color of your lipstick or natural lip color.
2. Blot on the lipstick, keep it light because the emphasis of the look is your eyes
3. Top it off with a little bit of gloss for some body

Voila! You're done!

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