To Download: This Pizza Compass App Really Understands Me

By Caitlin Petreycik on
(ThinkStock) Finding pizza, if you have a smartphone, should be easy, right? But, unfortunately, it never is. First you have to Google "best pizza Union Square" (or wherever you happen to be) using your phone's tiny, fumbly keyboard. Then, you usually get sidetracked and end up sifting through about a million Yelp reviews, wondering what exactly that self-professed "foodie" commenter means when he calls a certain pizza place's Italian fennel sausage topping "overreaching." (Pizza Compass) But...Read Full Story

Zac Posen's 24k Gold Dress is Inspired by Melting Ice Cream—Oh, and It's Worth $1.5 Million

By Danica Lo on
(Courtesy Magnum) Zac Posen's designing a dress of 24k goldOne of the most delicious—and luxurious!—ice cream brands in the world, Magnum Ice Cream, has been slowly rolling out its product line in the United States in partnership with fashion and entertainment superstars. Remember a couple of years ago when Karl Lagerfeld shot Rachel Bilson in a series of commercials for Magnum's American debut? Totally the best—or, at least, most fashionable—ice cream commercials we've ever seen.This season...Read Full Story

This Exists - Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Dresses

By Danica Lo on
(Courtesy Jelly Belly) Jelly Bean dressesHaute Couture fashion week just wrapped in Paris, but it looks like it's still going on in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. The Jelly Belly jelly bean company has partnered with 25 pastry chefs and designers at the French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College at City Colleges of Chicago to create a series of handmade gowns and fashion accessories—made of jelly beans! The designs will go on display at Jelly Belly's Tour and Visitor Center by Easter.Check...Read Full Story

Brangelina Wine - Coming to a Table Near You!

By Caitlin Miller on
(Axelle/Bauer-Griffin) Hollywood's hottest power couple is coming to a table near you.As if you don't get enough of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in your daily life, the power couple could now be making an appearance at a dinner table near you!Hollywood's hottest couple announced that they will be producing their own range of wines from their $60 million-French estate, Chateau Miraval. But this should really come as no surprise since the couple just oozes French-wine making, and well, have you...Read Full Story

BEHOLD: This $2,000 Pasta Dinner Comes on a Versace Plate

By Caitlin Petreycik on
(Courtesy of Disney) Are $500 Kobe beef burgers topped with gold-leaf-coated caviar and foie gras just not exclusive enough for you? New York restaurant Bice, in a effort to cater to only the bro-iest of investment bankers, has cooked up a $2,013 pasta dinner. The two grand gets you some tagliolini noodles mixed with two pounds of lobster and a generous heap of truffles (obviously) — all served on a gold leaf Versace platter, which you get to take home.(Courtesy of Bice)Of course, those...Read Full Story