In Stores Today: 'F*ck Yeah Menswear' The Book

It's a classic tale: boy meets blog, blog meets book agent, boy gets book deal.

Fuck Yeah Menswear was one of the greatest fashion hits of the Tumblr heyday—bursting onto the digital scene in October 2010 as an irreverent, anonymous, stream-of-consciousness fanboy send-up of the menswear blogging frenzy—a phenomenon that, along with the heritage (read: beards and plaid shirts) movement, had the entire casualwear arm of the fashion industry wrapped around their little fingers for the better part of 2007 to 2011.

Today, the witty and hilarious not-quite-prose blog has been expanded and transposed into book format with the release of Fuck Yeah Menswear, the book (Touchstone, $20), which combines both practical information—FYMW's "Eleven Essentials" (p. 79)—and anthropological-ish field guides ("Style Archetypes," p. 19) with the authors' (Kevin Burrows and Lawrence Schlossman) hallmark giant-haikus-that-aren't-haikus expositions on men's clothing, the industry, fashion insiders, and other semi-related topics.

Here are some of our favorite bits from inside the book. Like, this crispy kid: "Nature vs. nurture? It's tough to say. When your DNA is this fucking crispy."

The fantastic older gentleman:

Ray-Bans are No. 7 on the Must-Have List. Accompanied by this anecdote:
While I started smoking at thirteen, my Ray-Bans have been my signature of cool since I was old enough to walk. They hid my tears when Charlene broke up with me in 5th grade. They hid my tears just as well when Charlene broke up with me again in the 6th grade. And they hid my tears once again, years later, when Charlene delivered the heartbreaking news that my dear grandfather was mauled to death by a cougar while out the Sierra Madres.

Even the masthead is tongue-in-cheek:

This guy, who my 15-year-old self would have had a crush on:

"Style Archetypes" breaks down into the following (you'll have to check the book to find out what some of these words actually mean): Sprezz, Heritage, Goth Ninja, Euro Jetsetter, Fashion Victim, Prep, Hypebeaster (below), Ivy/Trad.

And the Take Ivy cult.
You go to a public university?
The fuck is that?
What does that even mean?
Is that one of those places that makes you wear socks to class?

The end. This book is good.

Fuck Yeah Menswear, the book, is available from November 6th for $20 at a bookseller near you. Or on
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