You Need to Know: Elisabeth Weinstock

(Courtesty Elisabeth Weinstock)There's always that thrill in finding the EXACT item in which a trendsetter is spotted––especially if it isn't adorned with a label or logo (which is when you really know it must be cool).  As girls-on-the-go, we're suckers for a cross-body bag style which also looks stylish. Wear it out to get coffee in sweatpants but also with that new dress? Um, yes please. That's why when came across some snaps of perpetually chic Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba in luxe skin carry-alls, we had to investigate.  
It makes sense that the designer behind the bag, Elisabeth Weinstock, has a signature aesthetic which typifies California luxury and international sophistication. (Read: effortless style that is also elegant.)  With a beautiful store (did we mention she is also an interior designer) at the epicenter of Hollywood elite in Los Angeles, expect to see more of Weinstock's exotic skinned creations. If you’re a girl who has a piggy bank for a dream bag, take note. This one should be on radar. And if you already spent all your cash for this entire year at Zara (we feel your pain), at least you’re in the know.  
(Source: Pacific News/Bauer-Griffi
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