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It's official: CBD has taken over, and that's as true in the beauty world as it is in the wellness realm. Although it lacks the psychotropic effects of its sister THC, meaning it won't get you high, cannabidiol has plenty of other magical properties to offer — for example, anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief for joints and muscles, and more. 

But of course, that's not all. When it comes to beauty and skincare, CBD products can give you that covetable glow we're all looking for, and then some. The market is saturated with products claiming to be ideal for all skin types; and while it's still new enough that conclusive studies on CBD's longterm effects are not yet available, we're still inclined to want to try just about everything. 

That's why we've curated a list of the most promising CBD-infused beauty and skincare products, ahead. Budding CBD beauty aficionados, don't go anywhere.