STOP EVERYTHING: Juicy Couture's Holiday Etiquette Video, with Cats and Derek Blasberg

(Courtesy of Juicy Couture) 

What could possibly be better than photos of cats wearing jewelry? Videos of cats wearing jewelry! 

Juicy Couture's feline models, Classy Cat and Messy Kitty, star in a new campaign video with fashion writer Derek Blasberg, who uses them to demonstrate the finer points of holiday etiquette eticat.

So, how do you know if you're a Classy Cat or a Messy Kitty? 

Well, Classy Cat is "the epitome of style and sophistication," while Messy Kitty is a hot mess, basically.

Classy Cat loves to socialize at holiday get-togethers. 

Messy Kitty stays glued to her phone, probably tweeting at Choupette Lagerfeld.

Classy Cat always sends paw-written thank you notes. 

Messy Kitty gets wasted, coughs up a hairball on your floor, and passes out headfirst in the litter box.

Messy Kitty, can we party with you? We'll bring the catnip. And the eggnog.

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