How to Wear Your Cat - Cat on Man's Head Spotted in the Wild (New York)

(Danica Lo/StyleBistro)

We've all heard of Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat, but have you heard the one about the cat on the hat? Or what about the cat as the hat? Well, check out what I spotted wandering around New York's Union Square this morning—this man, dressed in a trendy-this-season head-to-toe denim look, wearing his black-and-white green-eyed kitty cat on his head. For real.

It reminded me of this:

I have so many questions about the man with the cat on his head, so I'll just list them here:
- How does the giant cat—this was not a small cat—stay balanced on this man's head?
- Whose idea was this—the cat's or the man's?
- It this a fetish thing?
- What is the cat thinking? I made eye contact with the cat as it floated by and I think we had a moment, but I don't really know what the cat was trying to tell me.
- How far do they walk? 
- My friend who was meeting me for brunch told me he sees this guy around the East Village all the time. I want to know what the frequency of this regular jaunt is.
- Why?
- Is this a sub-dom relationship?
- Do they know the man who walks around with the parrot on his head? Are they friends?
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