Lazarus the Vampire Cat Will Warm Your Heart This Monday Morning

(Photo via Facebook)

Grumpy Cat, step aside... There's a new cool cat in town.

But Grumpy Cat, this cat has fangs!

But Grumpy Cat, they're not just any fangs, they're vampire fangs!!

(Photo via Uproxx)

We'll go ahead and take that as compliance.

World, meet Lazarus — he's a 10(ish)-month-old kitty who looks like a vampire because of his cleft palette and protuding lower jaw. (Or maybe he really is a vampire! We may never know.)

(Photo via Facebook)

Unlike Grumpy Cat's road to fame — making appearances at SXSW, hanging out with Ian Somerhalder and the like (still jealous) — it hasn't been all Friskies and cat nip for this little guy. At just 10 weeks old, Lazarus was found roaming East Tennessee State's campus with a severe nasal infection. (Poor fella.)

A special-ed faculty member took him under her wing and finally helped him get surgery to remove his upper fangs, turning Lazarus into the cutest vampire the Interwebs has ever seen. (Yes, cuter than Robert Pattinson and Alexander Skarsgård, combined.)

Now that Lazarus has some web cred, his owner plans to train him as a therapy cat, showing people how animals with disabilities can be uplifting members of society. If that doesn't warm your heart this Monday morning — an April Fools morning at that! — we don't know what will.

Except maybe this...

For more vampire kitty adorableness, pounce over to Lazarus' Facebook page, here.