BEST THING EVER: You Can Actually Buy United Bamboo's Cat Clothes

(United Bamboo) The piped blazer ($69) as worn with the shirt dress ($49)

One of the most amazing (and important) things that happens at the end of every year in the New York fashion industry is that United Bamboo, downtown designers of human-clothes, releases its annual cat calendar. Yes, you read that right—Cat Calendar.

The 2013 calendar hasn't debuted yet—you can pre-order it here for $40—but we were surfing around the United Bamboo website and only just discovered that the custom-made cat clothes that United Bamboo made for its 2010 and 2011 calendars are available for purchase!

Yes, that's right—now you can get a cat-sized piped blazer ($69), cat-sized one-shoulder bow-embellished LBDs ($49), and cat-sized double-breasted peacoats ($89)!

Check out some cute cat-outfit ideas, right here. Here's the adorable on-shoulder top paired with an anthracite pleated skirt ($49):

The peacoat looks great with the mohair tunic sweater ($69):

And our collective StyleBistro favorite cat-item of all is, hands down, the United Bamboo signature fishtail parka ($98)—it's killing us with cuteness:

Do you have a cat? Which outfit do you think he or she would like best? Do you think your cat would actually wear any of these clothes or would he/she claw your eyes out first?
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