WHEN CUTE WORLDS COLLIDE: Grumpy Cat Was on 'Anderson Cooper Live' [VIDEO]

(Getty Images, GrumpyCats.com) L-R: Anderson Cooper, Grumpy Cat, in case you were confused

Okay, you guys, this might just be too much cuteness to handle on a dreary Monday morning, so consider yourself warned. Late last week, one of our current favorite funny internet felines, Grumpy Cat, appeared on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show Anderson Live, to promote her new Friskies commercial (in case you missed it, check it out right here). There was just so much cuteness on stage at once! Plus, they really seemed to like each other. Here's the video:
Our question of the day is: Who's cuter? Grumpy Cat or Anderson Cooper? This is a toughie. Vote here.
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