Introducing Captain Cuddles—in 'Catdance - 8 To Go'

Oh hey, it's Monday afternoon—the perfect time for a cat non-sequitur.

At this coming Sundance—the celebrity-swarmed film festival slated to take place in Park City, Utah, from January 17-27, 2013—Fresh Step (yes, the kitty litter people) are debuting a series of film shorts called "Catdance."

So, apropo of not very much at all, here's the debut trailer. It features Captain Cuddles (played by Captain Cuddles) and Heather McDonald (best known for her work on Chelsea Lately) in a soul-wrenching drama about how Cuddles gets caught up in the clubworld, relentlessly and tirelessly pursuing his dream of becoming the best Cat DJ known to cats, but ultimately meeting his demise.

Here's Heather McDonald looking emotionally fraught while talking to a cat:

Check the trailer out here:

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