Ke$ha Looks Un-Ke$ha-Like, Holds a Kitten, on the Cover of Seventeen

(Courtesy of Seventeen)

Kesha's February Seventeen cover made us do a double take. The mag's styling team somehow convinced the pop star to ditch her glitter-and-trash aesthetic in favor of a shimmery lilac dress and a sweet floral headband. 

Then, to really drive that "Ke$ha: The Wild Child Finally Shows Her Softer Side" headline home, they plopped an impossibly fuzzy kitten in her arms. 

A kitten! He seems to realize that he's perilously close to those spiky rings though, don't you think? 

Aside from her finger weapons, Kesha managed to sneak in a few more of her signature accessories, like some smudgy black eyeliner, and a gold tooth. 

Tell us, are you fan of Kesha's cover look? 

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