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Day of the Dead. All Souls Day. Dia de los Muertos. Whatever you call it, Day of the Dead has long been celebrated by countries all over the world, including Mexico, Italy, Spain, South America, and the Philippines.

Within these cultures, death is no singularly somber affair –– and that celebration of life and death is put on dizzying and colorful display every year on November 1st and 2nd. According to those who celebrate and believe deeply in the haunting holiday, the gates between life and death are opened on October 31st, and the spirits of their loved ones come down to earth to enjoy the festivities on the following two days.

The mysticism surrounding this holiday is undoubtedly fascinating, and in recent years it  has taken the beauty world by storm. Makeup artists and beauty aficionados have embraced the look and recreated it in spooky and scintillating ways.

So, whether you are going for an eerie, wraith-like look, or leaning more toward glam from beyond the grave, there are countless sugar skull-inspired ideas to pick from here. Click ahead for some seriously preternatural Day of the Dead beauty inspo.

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