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It’s no secret plastic surgery is prevalent in Hollywood, but to find those willing to admit it? That’s a rarity. The truth is, women are in a tough sitch when it comes to their bodies, beauty standards and aging—they’re shamed for their imperfections as much as their vanity, their wrinkles as much as their botox.

In an ideal world, womankind would unite hands and scream, “Eff this noise, our bodies are temples, keep your opinions and your scalpels off!” (Followed by singing and dancing in our god-given bikini bodies). But alas, if we can’t have that, wouldn’t some transparency be nice?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if those having work done—particularly the ones covering our magazines, our TVs, our movie screens—admitted they weren’t merely genetically and morally superior to all other women. Please no more pretending it’s your morning lemon water and not a facelift that explains why you look 30 at 55. Sure, we don’t want to “normalize” going under the knife (everyone considering it should give this a few reads). But IMHO, people should know the extremes that Hollywood goes to achieve these so-called ideals. Well, these ladies have started that honest trend, and for that I commend them.