Dress Like Kate Bosworth With Tips From Stylist Cher Coulter

Dress Like Kate Bosworth With Tips From Stylist Cher Coulter
Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter (Courtesy of JewelMint)

Dress Like Kate Bosworth With Tips From Stylist Cher Coulter  Stylist and Deigner, Cher Coulter Effortless, comfortable and elegant is how Kate Bosworth's friend, stylist and JewelMint co-designer Cher Coulter describes the starlet's aesthetic. Then it's no wonder so many fashionistas admire Kate's style—StyleBistro celebrity guest editors Giuliana Rancic and Louise Roe both told us they'd love to raid Kate's closet!

In an in-depth interview with Hollywood's Stylist of the Year, StyleBistro went digging to find out exactly how to emulate such a distinctly fashionable look. And with an A-list clientele that also includes Sienna Miller, Julianne Moore and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (did you get a load of her recent white hot Max Mara dress?), Cher is a fashion mastermind with the goods on the how and the where to capture Kate's look.

Check out our exclusive interview!

SB: How do you start the process for picking out a look for an event?
You of course don't want to repeat yourself. Then you think, what mood are you in? What do you feel like wearing? What's the occasion? One that's standing out in my mind is when Kate wore the very pretty Erdem dress to a premiere in LA. It was just the perfect dress for the event, and she hadn't worn anything that was like that, really, with that much color and embroidery. That's what you're supposed to do on the red carpet—keep evolving, and at the same time be yourself.
SB: How would you define Kate's style?
It's very comfortable in the daytime and she's not one to overdo it. Then for the red carpet, I definitely think there is a feel of effortlessness to that, as well. She never looks uncomfortable, she looks happy in what she's wearing. She looks fun and fashionable.
SB: What do you look for when you're shopping for Kate?
I'll go around the store and be like, 'This is very Kate.' She has her things that she loves to wear—in the summer, short denim shorts or long skirt that is very pretty and elegant. That's another thing about her, she's very elegant. And you know, she's simple and chic…It's a hard thing because I feel like I'm so close to her, I know what she would like, maybe a bit more European flavor, like Isabel Marant. She'll never wear anything overbearing, nothing that swallows her.
SB: Any particular places that are your favorite to shop for her? Or brands that she tends to wear?
Isabel Marant for sure—we were in New York and she bought tons of stuff in there. Then I would say Chloé; very her, that aesthetic—long skirts, simple tanks. Topshop—I would do a lot of online shopping on Topshop just to get good fun pieces for the summer.
SB: For those who admire Kate's style, what tips do you have to achieve a similar look?
I think you've got three different elements: You've got elegant, which probably has a lot to do with the way she holds herself; you've got this fun element; and then you've got this effortless kind of comfortable element.
SB: What are Kate's wardrobe staples?
She loves big floppy cardigans to flow over things; she loves to have a pretty dress to just throw on with a belt, that's easy. A great boot to contrast other things. She is always in those Isabel Marant suede booties. Then I'd say short shorts, denim cut-offs.
SB: You style for a variety of stars. How do you distinguish what you're going to pick out for Kate Bosworth versus Sienna Miller?
You just listen to them. Right now I'm working with Rosie (Huntington-Whiteley) and I'm going back and forth with her, redefining what her look is going to be. Her body is different, she has this sexy tall body, and she can get away with very elongated shapes and these long slinky things. You look in their wardrobe…and then you try to work from there and take it up a notch and make it even better.

With Sienna, she loves fashion—she has a very similar taste to me. She's not scared to put some patterns together and just go for it. She's very playful with fashion, whereas Kate is more effortless, kind of elegant, and then Rosie is more sexy, slinky. There was a hat at Opening Ceremony that was so Rosie, Sienna wouldn't wear it, Kate wouldn't wear it, just very Rosie.
SB: Any tips on how to create or refine one's own personal style?
I think you just start with your body and you look at what actually suits you. There's a lot of stuff I can't wear that's the same (as Kate's). First of all, really listen to your body, then look for different variations of shapes that actually fit you. Like Kate's got great legs and looks great in cut-offs. I would draw my waist in because that's my smallest part and I would shop for great vintage belts and simpler dresses. I think you should start with your body and what suits you.
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