Can You Guess How Many Hairstyles Jessie J Has Had in the Last 3 Years?

(Credit: Jessie J Instagram)

When it comes to something as defining as hair, change isn't always easy, especially if you've found yourself attached to one specific style that has always worked for you. In fact, there are some celebs who rarely (if ever) drastically change their hairstyles—Jessie J clearly isn't one of them.

Over the past three years alone, the British singer has snipped and styled her strands in over 36 different styles (as evidenced in the image above). And you know what? She looked absolutely fantastic with each and every one of them. (Some girls are lucky enough to have the kind of face that can pull off everything from a blonde buzzcut to black textured topknot.)

And now it looks like she's gone back to black. Jessie recently debuted her latest look—a lovely onyx pixie cut—just the other day. Hmmmm. We wonder how long do you think she'll rock this look...

(Credit: Jessie J Instagram)