Let's Discuss: Demi Lovato's Aqua Hair

Let's Discuss: Demi Lovato's Aqua Hair
(Ohpix/Bauer Griffin)We've never been ones to question hair dying. Seriously, this editor has had every hair color under the sun. But we'd like the opportunity to discuss Demi Lovato's newest dye job. The 21-year-old singing super star hit a press conference in Mexico with aqua blue hair that reminded us, oddly, of Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Take a look and be the judge.

Let's Discuss: Demi Lovato's Aqua Hair
(Photo: Ohpix/Bauer Griffin)But this isn't the first time Lovato has sported a wild-hued 'do. Lovato has had jet black hair, platinum hair, auburn hair, pink hair, aqua-tipped hair... the list goes on. In fact, we've created a beginner's guide to Demi Lovato's hair spectrum for your reference.

Let's Discuss: Demi Lovato's Aqua Hair
(Photos courtesy Getty, Bauer Griffin, FOX)Right now, we admit we're on the fence about these mermaid blue strands. We think Lovato's blue 'do falls somewhere in between Katy Perry circa 2010 and that time we accidentally dyed our Barbie's hair in second grade. Truthfully, neither are bad looks. But what do you think?

Let us know how you feel about Lovato's aqua strands. Vote in our poll, below.

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