Guess Where Anna Faris Buys All Those Cute Baby Clothes?

(PacificCoastNews) Anna Faris with her son, Jack

Anna Faris was spotted out and about in Los Angeles yesterday doing a bit of shopping with her family and her adorable baby son, Jack. Now, not only is Anna Faris one of our favorite funny ladies in Hollywood, her son is, hands down, one of the best-dressed little kids out there! Check out his fashion-forward striped onesie, above, the cute little crew socks that are falling off his feet, and his adorable newsboy cap!

If you've ever wondered where celebs get their cute children's wear, well, here's your answer... Anna Faris shops for her son at... (scroll down for the reveal!)

Baby Gap! Yup. Looks like Jack's sweet stripes come from Baby Gap.


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