Kim Kardashian Films Little Sis Kendall Jenner Sunbathing — Creepy or Not Creepy?

Apparently, calling your sister a creepster is just another way to show affection. How sweet! (Axelle/Bauer-Griffin; Snapper/Bauer-Griffin)

Kim Kardashian is uber-jealous of her sister Kendall Jenner — at least of her bikini body, that is!

Kim Kardashian, 32, recently shared a video on Keek of her baby sister, Kendall Jenner, 17. Sounds normal so far, right? But here's the catch: Kendall was in a skimpy bikini sunbathing. The video showed Jenner laying on her stomach sunbathing while Kim and other sister Khloe stood around, apparently ogling their baby sister.

Kim says, "Look at this body on my younger sister, Kendall Jenner." Khloe quickly chimes in and asks if Kim is referring to her, but alas she is not. Sorry, Khloe! We still love you!

Kim proceeds to drool over her little sis' body saying, "How jealous am I? I'm just saying I am so jealous of how tall you are."

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Now, you'd think Kendall, who has made a name for herself in the modeling world, would love the attention, but think again. She responds to her big sis saying, "You're a creepster." Oh the joys of having a sister!

Kim retorts, "I'm not trying to be creepy. Kendall, don't worry, I won't call you too skinny. I know you get offended, but I get called too fat, so I am just saying this is, yeah it is kind of creepy. But I am jealous. But she's a model, and she's so tall..."

Hmm, sounds weird, right? Take a look for yourself:

Ok, we get the bikini body-envy, but is filming 17-year-old Kendall while she's laying out a bit much?

Tell me what you think! Who is the real creepster here?!
Poll: Was Kim Kardashian creepy for filming Kendall Jenner sunbathing?
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  • No! Kendall Was Overreacting!

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