Hailee Steinfeld: 'Bullying Is Something I Went Through'

Hailee Steinfeld: 'Bullying Is Something I Went Through'
(Courtesy Glamour) Hailee Steinfeld in the June issue of Glamour

Hailee Steinfeld
won an Oscar nomination for her first feature-length film role in True Grit—and ever since, she's been winning over fans in the fashion industry by the bucketload. Miuccia Prada even featured the young actress in a Miu Miu campaign in 2011.

In the June issue of Glamour, Steinfeld sits down with the magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Cindi Leive, to talk about her imminent 2013 Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future Award and more! Here are the best bits from their talk.

Hailee Steinfeld: 'Bullying Is Something I Went Through'
(Mark Leibowitz for Glamour)

Cindi Leive:
The Max Mara Face of the Future award goes to an actress at a “turning point in her career.” Do you feel like that’s this moment?

Hailee Steinfeld: I do! This whole last year has been intense.

CL: You have five movies in production right now, including Romeo and Juliet. How do you feel about playing such an iconic role?

HS: It was definitely scary—I mean, it’s Shakespeare. I was attached early on, so I was part of the casting process with Romeo [played by Douglas Booth].

CL: You got to pick your Romeo. Every girl’s dream! By the way, I first knew I liked you when I heard about the swear jar you set up on the set of True Grit. If someone used the F-word, they had to pay $5. You made $350!

HS: I donated it to charity—it went to a good cause, for Alzheimer’s disease.

CL: And you support the Trevor Project, to protect LGBT kids from bullying.

HS: Bullying is something I went through, from third to sixth grade, when I got pulled out [of school]. I still go through it. And if I can be the person who says, “Trust me when I tell you it will be OK,” then I will be that person.

CL: What would you say to your former bullies?

HS: Often bullies are taking something [personal] out on others. If they use that energy to make someone smile, we can save so many people in the long run.

CL: You make fashion look like fun. Is that real?

HS: Absolutely. It’s like playtime for me!

CL: I remember you back at your first Golden Globes, wearing Prabal Gurung; you didn’t seem nervous at all.

HS: I had on another dress when my mom said, “Why don’t you try that one?” I put it on and said to everybody, “I love you guys, but whatever you say, I’m wearing this dress.” It was a huge fashion moment for me.

CL: It sounds like you’re pretty close with your parents.

HS: I’m away from home for six weeks at a time, sometimes more, and it’s tough when I miss my dad. But he always says to me, “Are you having a good time?” And I really am. That’s why I’m here.

To check out the rest of Hailee Steinfeld's talk with Glamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi Leive, head on over to Glamour.com! And don't forget to pick up a copy of June's Glamour, on newsstands now.

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