Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt on 'Jeopardy' Circa 1997, The 'Mad Men' Season 6 Trailer, and More!

(Getty Images) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the cutest!

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt be adorable on this 1997 episode of Jeopardy—where he competes against Kirsten Dunst. [YouTube]
Here is the Mad Men season six trailer. It's 30 seconds long and comprises a bunch of clips from season five. Auuuuggghhhh. [EW]
Is S Club 7 angling for a reunion? If there is a god... [3am]

Seriously, no wonder she has no concept of consequences. In case you were wondering why sentenced-to-rehab-instead-of-jail-for-the-millionth-time starlet Lindsay Lohan isn't already in rehab, it's because she's somehow negotiated not to start rehab until after Coachella! Because, you know, that's what you get to do if you lie to a police officer and obstruct justice. Go to Coachella. [Radar Online]

Paula Deen cheated on her diet... with French fries. [TMZ]

Here's a photo of Kim Kardashian with a bunch of needles in her face. [NYDN]

Remember this ad from last week—attributed to Ford Motors—
which showed Paris Hilton in the front seat of a Ford hatchback and the three Kardashians—Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe—bound and gagged in the trunk? Well, turns out it's fake-ish. Turns out these were accidentally leaked by WPP, Ford's ad agency in India, after a brainstorming session. Oops. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Have you ever thought your child could be a superstar? Well, here's your chance... if your kid is under 10 years old and is a little bit creepy, that is. The Bio Channel (what's that?) is casting for a new show called Ghost Inside My Child—and they're looking for kids who claim to have past lives and memories from previous reincarnations. [HuffPo]

This man in Germany decorated a tree with 10,000 Easter eggs. [WPTV]

Hey girl hey—remember the last time Prince Harry came to America and was photographed getting all canoodly with a naked girl in his Las Vegas penthouse suite? Well, the naughty prince is headed Stateside again. This May, Harry will tour the east coast, where we suspect his Grandmother the Queen hopes he'll get into slightly less trouble. Harry will Washington, DC, Denver (okay, not on the east coast), New York, and New Jersey. [NYDN]

Mr. Feeny is going to be in the Girl Meets World pilot! [EW]

If you're a dedicated follower of fashion blogs, you've probably heard of Advanced Style—that blog-turned-book featuring glamorous senior citizens dressed to the nines. Well, Eyes As Big As Plates is kind of like Advanced Style, sort of, in that it involves older people wearing things—mostly plants and branches, though. The folks behind the site just had an event in New York. Check out the invite, below, which is pretty indicative of their style. [EABAP]
Ethan Hawke—we loved him best in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, and we can't wait to see him in the third and final installment, Before Midnight later this year—is selling his 3,500 square foot townhouse in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. Want a peek inside? Of course you do. Check it out, right here. [Curbed NY]

Sandra Lee—yes, of the Food Network Sandra Lees—has written a novel called The Recipe Box. Is the protagonist's paramour, who has "curly brown hair and deep gray eyes," based on New York's Governor Cuomo (Lee's IRL boyfriend)? [NY Mag]

Here's a one-man acapella version of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'. [YouTube]
Helen Mirren calls Sam Mendes' Empire Awards speech sexist: "I don't want to unduly pick on Sam Mendes, but when he spoke about his inspirations earlier this evening, I'm afraid not a single one of the people he mentioned was a woman. Hopefully in five or 10 years, when Sam's successor is collecting their inspiration award, the list will be slightly more balanced in terms of its sexual make-up. In the meantime, this one is for the girls." [Guardian]

In case you're looking for a little social media to lighten up your Monday afternoon, Time magazine has just issued a list of 140 tweeters they think are most informative and/or entertaining. In the fashion category: Tyra Banks, Tavi Gevinson, Michael Kors, Maybelline, Museum at FIT, Laurel Pantin, Nicole Richie, Coco Rocha, Kate Upton, and VFiles. [Time]

I can't stop looking at this GIF. [ONTD]

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