Bow Down: Beyonce's First Track in Two Years is Here!

(Photo by Getty)

Beyonce (Tumblr)
Queen B is back! Today, the singer Goddess of all that is pop and fierce jumpsuits leaked a new track called "Bow Down/I Been On," marking her first song in two years. 

But this isn't any ol' Beyonce beat you're used to. In the new track, which was produced by rap's of-the-moment mixer Hit-Boy, Bey gets gritty and reminds us she still runs the world. And she'll take none of your smack, thankyouverymuch.

"Took some time to live my life / Don't think I'm just his little wife / Don't get it twisted" she sings, sounding like the Bey we know and love, before, suddenly, her voice goes deeper into an almost growling rap admist a slew of B-words. (Hint: we don't mean "Beyonce.")

Oh, and to top it all off, this is her cover art for the new track:

Basically, Beyonce is royalty. And she can rock a mean puffy sleeve. So bow down haters, and enjoy these beats.