Sam Faiers and Joey Essex Are Engaged! Madonna in Malawi, and Steve Buscemi Sings With Vampire Weekend + More!

(Bauer Griffin) Joey Essex and Sam Faiers

I love these two—and now they're engaged! The Only Way is Essex stars Joey Essex and Sam Faiers celebrated their engagement last night—and the official moment will be aired on Wednesday night's episode of TOWIE. ‘"I'm going to ask Sam to marry me but I always said I wouldn't want to do it on the show," Essex once said. "We'll definitely be married by next Christmas. I could definitely plan it myself in that time." Congratulations to the gorgeous couple. [Heat]

Well here's an interesting bit of shopping trivia. Apparently, sales of single beds have fallen nearly 10 percent in the last half-decade—and bed sellers are attributing it to children and teens asking for double beds... but not because they're getting up to any funny business. No, kids and teens want double beds because they need somewhere to put their electronics! Like laptops. In bed. [Daily Mail]

In other Madonna news, I was walking by the Shaolin monk place in Queens this weekend and saw this photo. Madonna is everywhere.

Madonna visited Malawi—via private jet, of course—with her two children David Banda and Mercy James, both of who are from the southeast African nation. She visited the orphanage her David Banda spent the first years of his life. [3am]

Amanda Bynes' social media behavior is really spiraling out of control. [Radar Online]

Lindsay Lohan, of the we-can't-figure-out-how-she's-not-in-jail Lindsay Lohans, was spotted nearly falling out of her dress in Brazil over the weekend. Just an ordinary Easter weekend, then. Boobs everywhere. [TMZ]

Here's the Steve Buscemi x Vampire Weekend duet you've been waiting for. [YouTube]
Today in celebrities-are-just-like-us-or-are-they news, reports and cell phone images from our neighbors up north report that Rihanna was spotted at a Walmart in Kamloops, British Columbia, on Easter Sunday. Eyewitness reports say the singer rolled up in a tour bus and hit up the women's apparel section of the superstore. She also, allegedly, visited a Foot Locker in Calgary earlier in the week. [ONTD]

Do you guys watch Mad Men and other shows on AMC? You know how the network's tag line is: "Story Matters Here"? Well, they're about to change it—to "AMC: Something More." What do you think? Not funny enough to be an April Fools' joke, right? [THR]
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