Style Staples: Olivia Palermo's 5 Go-To Pieces

(Getty, Bauer Griffin, Flynet Pictures)

They say some people are born with a sense of style, and Olivia Palermo is definitely one of those lucky individuals. Whether she's wearing Valentino or budget-friendly Zara, the socialite always looks fashionable thanks to some creative accessorizing and unique taste. Here are some of her favorite pieces to get you inspired.

1. Embellished Dresses

(Getty, Bauer Griffin)
Sure she has a few plain ol' LBDs in her closet, but when Olivia really wants to dazzle, she selects an embellished dress with details like feathers, sequins, or beading. Styling tip: Notice that when she wears one of these intricate frocks, she pulls her hair away from her face so the dress remains the focal point of her look. Smart.

2. Statement Necklaces

(Getty, Bauer Griffin)
Olivia loves ornate dresses, so it's no surprise she shares a similar approach to jewelry. Statement necklaces play a leading role in her signature style and she's amassed an impressive collection of knockout baubles. Rather than use them to spice up a plain look, she'll sometimes use them to give an already intricate dress an unusual neckline.

3. Clutches

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This detail-oriented fashionista is not one to overlook the little things. Selecting the perfect clutch is just another way she personalizes outfits, and the results rarely feel like an after thought.

4. Maxi Skirts

(Bauer Griffin, Getty)
Despite her petite build, Olivia stands tall in romantic maxi skirts. To balance proportions, she picks a lot of ankle-length varieties made from light, airy fabric. The result: easygoing elegance at its best!

5. Retro Cateyes

(Getty, Bauer Griffin)
Whether Olivia is hitting Fashion Week or the grocery store, she adds instant glamor with a pair of oversize cateyes. The retro shades play up her delicate features and add to her a movie star quality.
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