FASHION ALERT: New Kanye Shoes! Which Ones Are Worse? Vote Here.

(Photos via; Twitter)

They're back.

This weekend, Kim Kardashian tweeted a sneak peek look at Kanye West's second pair of shoes for Giuseppe Zanotti. The new strappy sandals are called "Cruel Summer" and feature just as much attention to detail as the designer's $5,810 beaded knit booties from last season—West has a thing for embellished feet.

After much speculation here at StyleBistro HQ, we can't quite determine the materials used to create these unique sandals. However, we've narrowed it down to four possibilities—marshmallows, Marizpan, puffy stickers, or wings plucked straight from the backs of heaven's angels.

Once the price of the shoes are released, we'll have a better guess as to the craftsmanship. We'll be sure to follow up when more details are confirmed.

Here's a closer shot of the shoes, which the designer's girlfriend describes as "Sick!!!!!"


(Photo via Twitter)

Now for the moment of truth, which of Kanye West's Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are the worst? Cast your vote for the most seemingly horrific pair in our poll below, and sound off with your thoughts in the comments!

Poll: Which pair of Kanye West Giuseppe Zanotti shoes is worse?
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  • The $5,810 beaded knit booties
  • The "Cruel Summer" sandals