Lindsay Lohan: Now Available in a Strange Shade of Ombre!

(Bauer Griffin) Lindsay Lohan arrives at an LA courthouse with her mother Dina Lohan and her attorney Mark Heller on January 30, 2013.

Lindsay Lohan appeared in front of an LA courtroom again on January 30th. The Liz and Dick star seemed to be making a fresh start with this trial—along with a new attorney, she appeared in front of a new judge and walked away with a new trial date.

But that wasn't the only thing new for Lohan. The 26-year-old star also appeared to be sporting a new tan, only it wasn't a full tan. In fact, it was a tan like we've never seen before. It was ombre—gradiated darker to lighter, top to toe.

Take a closer look:

It would appear that Lohan tried to give herself a "glowing" look for her courtroom appearance by applying a self tanner. She has the tell-tale sign of at-home tanning: pale hands. But what's truly unique about this tan job is that it seems like Lohan completely forgot to apply the self tanner to her legs. Her face, neck and arms are a totally different color than her legs.

Now, we don't know if this is a new tan trend we missed out on or if Lohan just forgot because she was stressed about having to appear in court AGAIN, but we're not so sure about this look.

Let's just hope Ms. Lohan remedies this hombre look by her new court date, which is set for March 18.
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