How Kristen Bell Feels About Being a Street Style Subject

The actress opens up about dealing with paparazzi, which 'Game of Thrones' wardrobe she admires and the comfy trend she loves.

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Kristen Bell made us want to be her best friend within minutes of meeting her. Despite being the star of popular TV shows House of Lies andVeronica Mars, hit movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and a main voice in Disney's mega success Frozen, she was nothing but down-to-earth at American Express's Epic EveryDay Getaway event. Bell came without a publicist, mingled with sweepstakes winners while they got free blowouts and, when our interview was getting cut off as we started talking about her favorite TV show, she smiled and wagged a finger as she said, "Don't listen to them. We're talking Game of Thrones—all bets are off!," and continued chatting away. She touched on her career beginnings, the drawbacks of fame and GoT wardrobes

What is a fashion trend you love right now?
"I will say this: I am forever grateful that sneakers have made their fashion comeback. Fashionable sneakers are the way to be."

Got a favorite pair?
"I still gravitate toward my plain canvas black Vans because they look so sleek and simple."

Music is what brought me to performing. It's such an unbelievably powerful tool of storytelling.

–Kristen Bell

Let's talk about your singing projects. First, there's Frozen, and now your role in the upcoming production of Hair at the Hollywood Bowl. What do you love about it?

"I went to school for music at NYU with those weirdos at Tisch [School of the Arts]. Music is what brought me to performing. Listening to music is what made me want to sing and interpret, and that's what eventually caused me to audition for my first play. It's such an unbelievably powerful tool of storytelling and attempting to elicit emotion. I think that I personally enjoy watching projects that involve music, whether it's a full-fledged musical on Broadway or something like Once, which is a reimagined musical originally from a movie. I think it's very powerful. Being able to incorporate music into projects that I work on as an actress is something that's really special to me. I'm always hunting and so appreciative that there's so many projects applying music these days."

How are you preparing for performing Hair?
"Currently, I'm just learning the music. We're just about to start, so I'm just digesting everything. I actually did Hair while I was still at NYU! It's like full circle my second time around."

Amazing! So, you've got a huge Game of Thrones obsession based on your Twitter feed. Got a favorite character?
"I don't even know how to articulate how I feel about the show anymore. It's such an obsession I just want more. It keeps me salivating. I mean, they keep me on the edge of my seat for sure. I had major nightmares after episode nine, the champion battle. Major. But I'm excited to see where it goes."

Which character would you kill to play?
"Jon Snow all the way."

He's got that crazy fur coat going on. Which character's wardrobe on would you want to steal? 
"Wow, it's hard sometimes to see what everyone is wearing because it's either armor or a Wildling coat. Khaleesi [Daenerys Targaryen] has some nice dresses, a sort of Grecian vibe, and fantastic hair. Although Tyrion [Lannister] has got some great dresses as well. He's always rocking some sort of Scottish skirt. Also, I specifically said in the last episode that I liked Jaime Lannister's long camel leather trench. Oh Jaime."

Kristen Bell Says She Owes Her Career to Music
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Recently, you led a campaign to stop paparazzi from photographing children. How do you feel when people use your paparazzi shots for style inspiration?
"That I wouldn't fight. Personally, I don't like being followed to the grocery store, whether I'm in a ball gown or sweatpants. But I understand the industry I'm in. I very much understand what I signed up for and there are a lot of perks. So if that's the only thing that I am not okay with, then I'm okay with it. I think that I chose to take such an active stance on my kid [being] involved because I've seen so many kids get scared of reckless guys with cameras that they, to me, were a line in a sand. But I know what I signed up for, so I may want to be left alone some days but I'm at peace with it."

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