Three's a Trend: What One Piece of Clothing Did All These Celebs Wear to the Polls Today?

(PacificCoastNews) Hilary Duff voted this morning

It's Election Day, kiddos! And it doesn't matter how famous or A-list you are, celebrities have to head out and line up to exercise their individual rights to vote—just like everyone else.

We found three photos of celebs heading home from the polls. Can you guess what all of their outfits had in common (and no, it's not the "I Voted" sticker!)...

Here's Hilary Duff heading home from the polls after she voted with her mom. Doesn't she look cute in her little teal flats?
(PacificCoastNews) Hilary Duff voted this morning with her mom

And here's Mad Men star January Jones leaving her polling station in Studio City, California:
(Fame FlyNet) January Jones in Studio City, California

And here's the hunky Josh Duhamel apres-voting in Los Angeles:
(FameFlyNet) Josh Duhamel voted before work

Can you spot the one thing these three celebs have in common?

Yup, they're all wearing white shirts! Is that the Hollywood voting uniform of 2012? It's all very tenuous, we know. But hey, exercise your right to vote! If you haven't voted yet, get out there before your local polls close! Every vote matters.

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