First Look: Justin Bieber Wears Cartoon Versace on 'The Simpsons'

(Photo via Twitter)

Justin Bieber's latest wears haven't consisted of much lately—you know, side for statement accessories like gas masks and fingerless gloves as evidence by his recent Twitter snaps.

But it appears for the good people of Springfield—we're looking at you Ned Flanders!—a sneaky peek at TV-Biebs' chiseled yellow abs on The Simpsons this Sunday is perhaps just a wee bit too NC-17. Instead, the show's illustrators turned to the singer's more, ahem, primetime-friendly Jelena-era outfits for his immortalization in cartoon-land.

BEHOLD: The first look at Justin Bieber, Simpsonized, wearing cartoon Versace!

For reference, here's the embossed-placket, buckled-epaulet blue suede Versace jacket IRL. Bieber wore it for a spread with V magazine back in January 2012. (Side note: he still wasn't wearing a shirt then.)

Anyone else tuning in this Sunday at 8 p.m. (ET) to catch the show? Here's to hoping they do a Homer-Biebs mash-up medley: "Baby, Baby, Baby... D'oh!" Also, cartoon hair flips.