'Bitch Makes Me Throw Up' is a High Beauty Compliment These Days, According to Rihanna

(Getty Images) Nicole Richie and Rihanna having a vomit-worthy lovefest

One of the most shocking new beauty looks that debuted at this year's Met Costume Institute Gala Monday night was reality star and mom-of-two Nicole Richie's amazing gray hair. And it wasn't just the fashion peanut gallery that had something to say about it—Rihanna had a, uh, really visceral reaction to Richie's new color and cut.

The singer tweeted the following message, with a photo of Nicole Richie, out to her 29 million followers: "This bitch makes me throw up!!"

But before you get your popcorn popped for an ensuing girlfight, consider brushing up your slang—because, according to the kids these days, "This bitch makes me throw up" is actually a high compliment.

Yup. Rihanna followed up her tweet with the hashtags #bestdressed #2013metgala and tagged @nicolerichie. Soooo, we guess that means Rihanna thought Nicole Richie's look was dead-on awesome.

To be honest, we can't blame her! Here's a close-up:

(Getty Images) Nicole Richie at the Met Costume Institute Gala

And her whole look:

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