REVEALED: One Direction's Adult Onesie Source


The lads of One Direction probably spend most of their time running from screaming tween girls or figuring out the most comfortable sleeping positions on their private jet, so it makes sense that their favorite article of clothing, the adult onesie, allows for maximum mobility and coziness.

The New York Times reports that their jumpsuits of choice are by Norwegian label OnePiece, whose signature style looks like the result of a torrid one night stand between a hoodie and a Forever Lazy. 

(Forever Lazy/American Apparel/OnePiece) 

But, unlike the Forever Lazy, or American Apparel's sweats, OnePieces are pretty spendy, ringing up in the $150 to $300 range, which, sadly, puts them way out of my holiday gag gift budget. Although, for Chuck Bass, who wore a fire engine red OnePiece on Gossip Girl earlier this year, that's probably a bargain. 

(The CW) 

Tell us, would you ever wear a OnePiece, even in your home-alone-eating-a-sleeve-of-cookies-and-watching-Real-Housewives moments? Or is this style best left to teen millionaires? 

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