Matthew McConaughey Unleashes His Inner Dandy, Wears a Plaid Suit

(Getty Images)

If you asked most people what Matthew McConaughey's signature style move is, they'd probably say "shirtlessness," or at least a severe allergy to jackets and ties on the red carpet.

Which is why this tartan suit — a Vivienne Westwood design he wore to a screening of Mud — might just signal a cry for help. Or at least the onset of a mid-life crisis. Although, if that's the case, taking on a new, dandified identity is much safer than, like, rappelling off the side of Mount Kilimanjaro or whatever it is rich people do when they need to fee alive.

(Bauer Griffin)

Look at how many layers there are between the actor's chest and the sweet, sweet breeze of freedom. There is literally a chain holding his jacket on, as if he's going to rip it off and start playing the bongos any minute. Is this just the beginning? Is McConaughey going to show up to events with ascots and gold-tipped canes next? We can dream, right?
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