Yes, Leather Jogging Pants Are a Thing

Yes, Leather Jogging Pants Are a Thing
Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna (Bauer Griffin, Remember that whole Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West feud last week? That seemed to start and end with leather jogging pants? Well, we're not ones to support the rapper's delusional antics, but Alessandra Ambrosio's latest street style outfit today reminded us: he's right.

Leather jogging pants were, in fact, kind of a big weird celebrity trend this year. Although, we're pretty confident Kanye didn't invent them. Rihanna and Elle Macpherson get credit for the first celebrity wearers in 2011, but Kim Kardashian really brought them to light last August. At first, their impracticality was just as peculiar to us as to Jimmy—we even put it up to a vote with 69 percent of readers giving them a thumbs down. Womp womp. But, the movement continued and made its way into Beyonce's closet, Brooklyn Decker's closet, and even Elle Fanning's closet.

So, love em or leave em, here's a look at the most memorable (possibly sweaty) leather jogging pant moments.

Elle MacPherson in Leather Jogging Pants:

Rihanna in Leather Jogging Pants:
Rihanna Goes to a Photo Shoot in NYC

Alessandra Ambrosio in Leather Jogging Pants:
Alessandra Ambrosio Out Late in Hollywood

Kim Kardashian in Leather Jogging Pants:
Kim Kardashian Flies Out of LA

Beyonce in Leather Jogging Pants:
Beyonce Tumblr Pics

Elle Fanning in Leather Jogging Pants:
Elle Fanning Arrives in LA 2

Brooklyn Decker in Leather Jogging Pants:
Brooklyn Decker Visits Fox And Friends
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