Guess Which Celebrity Has a Ryan Gosling Tattoo on His Leg!

( Ryan Cabrera, remember him?

Ryan Cabrera—remember him? He dated Ashlee Simpson and Audrina Patridge on The Hills—showed up for a gig at Hyde in Las Vegas last week and revealed, um, something special about himself on the red carpet. The singer walked the red carpet and then pulled up his pant leg to show off a tattoo... of Ryan Gosling's face.

Yup. Ryan Cabrera has Ryan Gosling tattooed on his leg.

"Me and my buddy we go in [the tattoo parlor] and he chooses one thing off the wall for me, then I choose one thing for him," he told Dirty Pop with Lance Bass (yes, the Lance Bass—this story just gets better and better doesn't it?). "You can't see it until after it's done and when we unveil them at the same time."

Here's a photo of the tattoo for your viewing pleasure:

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