Andrea Tantaros Scores a Front Page 'Observer' Profile [PHOTOS]

(Getty Images) Fox News' Andrea Tantaros attends A Night of Style & Glamour to welcome newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to New York in 2011

The front page of the New York Observer this morning belongs to one Andrea Tantaros—Fox News and Talk Radio Network host. The paper pegs her as a new brand of conservative pundit—"She represents a departure from the old Fox News mold of firebrand yellers and bubbly blondes. Ms. Tantaros lives in Manhattan, talks with equal enthusiasm about reality shows and budget hearings, and is laughingly sarcastic rather than loudly belligerent when decrying a liberal viewpoint."

The two-year veteran host of Fox News' The Five is having a breakout year! Check out the full story here as well as some of Tantaros' best red carpet looks from the past few years, right here:

(All photos Getty Images)
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